What happens during a visit?

During your first visit to Dan, expect him to ask you questions regarding the symptoms that you are experiencing and the history of your complaint. He will also ask about your general health, any medication you are taking and if you are suffering from a severe medical condition. Provided you are a safe candidate for treatment, he will carry out a thorough assessment in order to come to an accurate diagnosis.

Each stage of the assessment process will be explained to the patient and, once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan will be formulated in collaboration with the patient. Patients will be educated about the cause of the complaint and a clear plan will be put in place to resolve the problem. On the rare occasions that a problem presents requiring onward referral, Dan will arrange the relevant consultations.

Dan is an expert in manual and exercise therapy. The outstanding facilities in the fully-equipped gym in Fitnessworx provide the ideal environment for the exercise rehabilitation that is required to recover from most injuries.