Physiotherapy for Back and Neck Pain

Physiotherapy for Back and Neck Pain

There has been extensive research carried out over the past number of years proving the benefits of physical activity for our health and to prevent injury. Unfortunately, many people’s lifestyles have become sedentary in recent years and this has led to an increased risk of injury as well as a reduction in feelings of wellbeing. Low back and neck pain are common complaints among people in modern society and this discomfort can lead to further reductions in physical activity.

Dan is an expert in the assessment and treatment of low back and neck pain. Timely assessment of spinal problems leads to effective treatment plans being implemented so that patients’ symptoms can be resolved and they can return to physical activity as soon as possible.

There are a range of possible causes of back pain and it is vital to get an accurate diagnosis of what is causing your pain. This allows for a clear treatment plan to be put in place so that your problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

There are several types of back/neck pain including:

  • Mechanical low back/neck pain
  • Disc bulge/degeneration with or without nerve impingement
  • Sciatica (nerve pain down your leg)