• Initial physiotherapy assessment and treatment (1 hour): €90
  • Follow-up physiotherapy treatment (40 mins): €70
  • Deep tissue massage (40 mins): €70 (60 mins): €90
  • Strength and Conditioning (40 mins): €70

Reduce Your Physiotherapy Costs

  • You can avail of tax relief on all physiotherapy appointments. 20-42% tax relief can be claimed on all medical expenses including visits to a Chartered Physiotherapist. This is dependent on your level of taxation and done via your Med 1 form.
  • Health insurers (e.g., VHI, Irish Life, Aviva, Laya,) offer a range of rebates on physiotherapy visits.

The fee for the initial physiotherapy assessment and treatment is higher than the fee for a Follow-up physiotherapy treatment. It is clinic policy to allow one hour to complete a full history and physical examination during the initial consultation and provide clear explanations of the findings along with a detailed plan of action. We believe this is essential in order to plan the most efficient and effective treatment strategies so that patients recover as quickly as possible.